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"Plant a tree Project"

We responsibly source
local timbers as possible.

Whenever possible, we source timber and timber derivates locally and seek out businesses with an environmental sustainability policy. Using these suppliers, it is the first step of our new project that we aim to launch and promote to all of our customers that may be interested in supporting the "Plant a tree project." Also we contribute in improving our air and lower our carbon footprint that is at high levels and with obvious consequences for all of us but before that to our planet.


We avoid wastages and recycle old timber.

We proud ourselves in constantly keeping our timber wastage at the very minimum and as reasonable as possible. We also do our best to recycle the wood chips and shavings to local Horse owners if there are any needs or, together with old recovered timber derivate from worksites, all our waste is transferred to local chipping facilities to be recycled or if  it's clean from paint and chemicals, is used as a fuel for private fireplaces.


We gives back to nature new trees.

Our business is using new timber / logs, therefore we directly contribute to consume this timber for our customers needs. In our industry today, most of the timber is from FSC managed forest but sadly not all. So, those forests, back in time were native, and they have been felled during the generations to be replaced with fast-growing species to maximize profit for the industry. We all require to work and earn to feed our families, but earning doesn't mean to be wanting more and more profits. We all require to care about our environment and our best way is to believe in our project of "Plant a tree" in support of our world for the next generations. Likewise, we encourage customers to ask about our project and the way we run it. It is non-profit for us, and  it is not just for us but for all of us and the future of our planet that supports life as we know.


Above picture:
Timber sourced from a harvesting field 4 miles from our workshop.
So that means as local as possible for us.

Above picture:
Typical wastage due to small amount of timber left on the ground and therefore uneconomical to be collected. Timber left to rot on harvest
ground is very common and for us shameful towards the trees and forests.

For any information regarding our non-profit project, how it is run, and what's next if you adhere, do not hesitate to contact us via the below contact details. We will be pleased to give you all the necessary information
regarding where the trees will be planted, the type of tree and the price that will cover to buy the tree.
We hope that will be a great number of people and customers interested in this "little help project" of us...


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